Bhanwar Singh Palace | Wedding Venue

About Bhanwar Singh Palace
This is a grand Palace that is situated in Ajmer, Rajasthan and is vast in size as well as carrying capacity. This place has a lot of great features and a huge place. There are a lot of features like the pool and also the parking and restaurant. Even the Wi-Fi and the various other attractions are what make this place charismatic. This is also placed in a beautiful place.

Bhanwar Singh Palace Features
The Bhanwar Singh Palace is a place with a lot of features. From free parking to free Wi-Fi they offer you a lot. This is a grand place and also has a restaurant which offers tasty food and even offers room service.

Bhanwar Singh Palace Capacity & Rooms Details
Bhanwar Singh Palace is an excellent place for destination weddings. This is a place with ample carrying capacity and has about 123 guestrooms. These many guestrooms are way more than enough to accommodate a large group of people for the wedding. This place has a 2100 sq.ft banquet which is ample to fit in a large crowd for the feast and wedding party. The Main Lawn which can hold the main ceremonies and can hold between 8000 and 10000 guests. That is a large place, and this is a great place to get a destination wedding done. This place also has a Party Lawn where you can party till the sun rises and it can hold 400 to 600 guests at once.

Why is Bhanwar Singh Palace the Best Suitable Place for a Destination wedding?
When you think of grand and large for a wedding, this is a place that you should not miss. Being a Destination Wedding Planner in Pushkar. This place has a lot of places to accommodate a lot of people at once. You can have a grand wedding, and this is a great thing about the Bhanwar Singh Palace in Rajasthan.

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