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Overview – King’s Abode Ranakpur

Palace Hotel

28 Rooms

7 Venues

Inhouse Catering

150 Guests

About King’s Abode Ranakpur

King’s Abode is one of the grand resorts under the Palette Resorts. This is a group of resorts and is located in Sadri, Rajasthan. This is an excellent place for the high-end marriages and has a fantastic royal outlook which is aptly portrayed by the name itself. There are a lot of features that this place offers to the guest including the great venues in the resort and also the other amenities like the free Wi-Fi as well as more.

Why King’s Abode Ranakpur is the Best Suitable Place for Destination wedding

The King’s Abode is a fantastic place with great features and places to hold different ceremonies of the wedding. Each ceremony can be held in a separate venue, and it can all be grand and mesmerizing. The place is reasonable, and it has the royal touch owing to the place where it belongs, Rajasthan.

King’s Abode Ranakpur Capacity & Rooms Details

King’s Abode is a great place and has a great carrying capacity with about 28 vast guestrooms and other event venues. The Central Courtyard is an excellent place for a little party and can accommodate about 150 pax. The Pool Side can also be great for a bachelor’s party with a capacity of 200 pax. The Main Lawn can be the right place for a reception with a capacity of 500+ pax. The Banquet is a good place for the feast of the wedding with a maximum capacity of 150 pax at once. The Lily Pond is one exciting place which can be used for floating Mandap for the Pheras during a wedding ceremony and can accommodate about 100 pax.

King’s Abode Ranakpur Features

There are a few great features that are offered by the King’s Abode resort. It has a gym, pool with the services of a party by the pool, free Wi-Fi and even free parking. There are many other features of the place as well as the hotel bar and the restaurant.

Cost of Wedding At King’s Abode Ranakpur

Cost of Wedding at King’s Abode Ranakpur is 45 Lakhs for 2 Days Wedding

For Complete cost bifurcation Cost of Destination Wedding at Bhanwar Singh Palace, Pushkar


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FAQ – King’s Abode Ranakpur

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