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The primary step and the most important one indeed! Your destination and venue are the first and foremost search after the search of your to-be partners. Yes, we mean, as much as everyone dreams about getting their partner perf, the same or maybe more is the expectation from your destination and venue. Everyone reading this who knows what we are talking about can agree with the fact that your definition of a perfect partner may change but the definition of your most eligible destination & venue is rock solid fixed, period. No compromises out there girlies, right??

Since the destination & venue is so important, we at a royal affair, guide all our energies to search and take out the most happening and elegant venues that could become a testimony to your forever after. There is a special connection with the place we get married at and we in no way want to spoil that for you guys. Therefore, we would want to tell you right away what goes in making your venue the one straight out of your dreams and the things to keep in mind while booking a wedding destination:

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Key Considerations for Venue Selection

  • Firstly, getting our facts right regarding the number of guests, number of functions, budget allocation and any special arrangements that needs to be made at the venue
  • Confirming the destination which is most suitable depending upon factors like season, weather, wedding themes and connectivity of our guests.
  • Venue shortlisting and negotiations on food & beverage restrictions if any, DJ & music terms, reach of the venue from the main city, logistics and number of indoor venues to cater to all functions.
  • Any additional properties required to accommodate the guests or the functions and the venue connectivity from there.
  • If the venue or destination is a typical one in any sense, guest safety maintenance measures

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