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Overview – The Chomu Palace Jaipur

Palace Hotel

70 Rooms

4 Venues

Inhouse Catering

140 Guests

About Chomu palace Jaipur

The Chomu Palace, situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, is a historical palace that has been transformed into a luxurious heritage hotel. The palace is renowned for its magnificent architecture and opulent past. Its construction dates back to the 18th century, and it was initially intended to serve as a dwelling for the ruling aristocracy of the area. The palace exhibits traditional Rajasthani architecture, displaying intricate frescoes, ornate carvings, and exquisite courtyards.

Why Chomu Palace Jaipur is the Best Suitable Place for Destination wedding

The rich history and Rajasthani architecture of the palace combine to create a regal and royal ambiance, rendering it an ideal location for a luxurious and grand wedding celebration. Chomu Palace affords couples and guests the opportunity to experience the heritage and culture of Rajasthan in close proximity, providing an immersive experience of the royal lifestyle and traditional customs, thereby adding a distinct flavor to the wedding festivities. The palace boasts a variety of venues within its premises, including lush gardens, spacious courtyards, banquet halls, and terraces, thereby offering couples the flexibility to select a space that aligns with their wedding vision and guest count.

Chomu PALACE Jaipur Capacity & Rooms Details

The palace provides a diverse selection of venues situated on its premises, comprising of opulent gardens, expansive courtyards, grand banquet halls, and charming terraces. This adaptability enables couples to select a space that corresponds with their wedding aspirations and guest numbers. Additionally, the palace presents 70 lavish and cozy lodgings for the wedding entourage and invitees. Opting to stay within the palace can heighten the overall experience and furnish convenience for the events, with a capacity of approximately 800+ individuals.

The Chomu Palace Jaipur Features

The Chomu palace is best Place for destination wedding because of its facility and venues

Cost of Wedding At Chomu palace Jaipur

Cost of Wedding at The chomu Palace Jaipur is Approx. 45-65 Lakhs for 2 Days Wedding

For Complete cost bifurcation Cost of Destination Wedding at chomu palace jaipur


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FAQ – Chomu palace jaipur

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Chomu Palace Jaipur can accommodate approx. 140 guests

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Total 4 Venues are available at Chomu palace Jaipur

Yes, you can bring your own vendors for your wedding at Chomu Palace Jaipur

Yes, Chomu Palace Jaipur provide catering and bar services

Chomu palace is Palace Hotel