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Overview – Hotel Fateh Garh

4 star Hotel

56 Rooms

5 Venues

Inhouse Catering

200 Guests

About Fateh Garh

Fateh Garh in Udaipur, perched atop the Aravalli hills, is a magnificent testimony to Rajputana heritage and provides a really memorable experience. Fateh Garh is a place unlike any other, offering beautiful scenery, opulent architecture, and unmatched hospitality. As we guide you through this palatial retreat’s alluring characteristics, allow yourself to be fascinated by its allure. Fateh Garh, perched atop a hill, offers sweeping views of Udaipur, the city of lakes. The breathtaking architecture expertly combines modern comforts with ancient Rajasthani aesthetics to produce a setting that radiates opulence and grace. Every nook of the palace exhibits painstaking attention to detail, with elaborate furnishings, detailed carvings, and archways that take you back in time.

Why Fateh Garh is the Best Suitable Place for Destination wedding

If you’ve always imagined having a Destination Wedding that radiates majesty and embodies regal magnificence, Fateh Garh is the ideal palace that will satisfy all of your needs. The venue for your fairytale celebration, Fateh Garh stands out as the peak of luxury with its unrivalled charm, spectacular panoramas, and superb hospitality. Let’s look at the reasons Fateh Garh is the ideal palace for your ideal Destination Wedding

Fateh Garh Capacity & Rooms Details

Fateh Garh sets the stage for a truly remarkable experience with its splendid capacity and luxurious room offerings. From its expansive capacity to accommodate gatherings of any size to its thoughtfully designed rooms that exude elegance and comfort, Fateh Garh ensures that your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. Immerse yourself in the lap of regal luxury and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime at Fateh Garh, the epitome of grandeur in Udaipur.

Fateh Garh Features

Fateh Garh Udaipur, is the epitome of elegance and luxury, making it the perfect destination for your dream wedding. With its majestic setting, versatile wedding venues, luxurious accommodations, impeccable hospitality, gastronomic delights, and cultural extravaganza, Fateh Garh promises an unparalleled experience for you and your loved ones. Let Fateh Garh be the backdrop for your love story and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Cost of Wedding At Fateh Garh

Cost of Wedding at Fateh Garh Udaipur is 40 Lakhs for 2 Days Wedding

For Complete cost bifurcation Cost of Destination Wedding at Fateh Garh Udaipur


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FAQ About Fateh Garh

Your Ultimate Guide to Hosting Your Dream Wedding at Fateh Garh: Discover Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions Here.

Fateh Garh ca accommodate approx 200 guests

A Royal Affair will make your wedding day mesmerizing and beautiful in every possible way. For a destination wedding, you need the right wedding planner by your side and A Royal Affair has the best team who will deal with every responsibility that comes during a destination wedding Like Decor & Design , Makeup & Mehandi, Hospitality, Wedding Logistics, Photography, Artist management, Food & beverages, Budget Management and Many more

Total 5 venues are available at Fateh Garh Udaipur

Yes, you can bring your own vendor to Fateh Garh Udaipur

Yes, Fateh Garh provide catering & bar services

Fateh Garh Udaipur is Heritage Hotel