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Well, we know that there is nothing called a bad gift since everyone likes to be on the receiving end be it even a small bouquet of orchids or something as big as your favourite car. Gifting in weddings has one simple rule, it should have some utility materially. This materiality when intertwined with thoughtfulness & creativity becomes a gift that gets praises and that’s how Team ARA does it. Being a royal wedding planning company in Udaipur, our inner urge to provide better every time pushes us to think of ideas that are beyond best.

While we sit with our clients to understand the guests and then brainstorm for some quick & fresh ideas, we keep in mind that the gifts are designed in a way that they are useful across all age groups and are in budget even then. Also, there is a checklist that we keep in mind before arriving to any conclusion for the wedding gifts:

Unforgettable Wedding Gifts

  • Coordinate your gift with your wedding location so that your wedding memories remain intact and saved with your guests and are relived when they arrive at the place in future
  • Do not, we repeat, do not stamp your wedding gifts with any logo or name from your sides since it decreases the utility of the gift and the guests may not like them.
  • Instead of sending one big gift, Give multiple gifts for multiple functions so that your guests have their bags and hearts full of gratitude and appreciation for a long time to come
  • Keep surprise gifts for various activities and we bet this surprise factor will just take the emotion and crowd presence of your function lightning high.
  • Skip the ordinary and hop on to some offbeat gifts with a bit of personalization for all your guests if possible.

The same level of originality can be maintained for the wedding invitations as well since the current trends are shifting to story-based invitations and as everyone has a different story to tell, there is always an element that can become a show stopper for your invitation and make it stand apart. You just have to be clear with your thoughts and explain them clearly to your wedding planner and the rest is on us.

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