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A Royal Affair promises to make your wedding day unique with these themes. Read on!

In the world of duplicates, adulterated food, first hand copy and same styles shown everywhere on the social media, giving an edge to your wedding and uniqueness to your style can be a mundane task. Everybody want to add different flavor or vibe to the overall décor or give the wedding event a theme which is truly yours, that define your personalities and give an everlasting impression in the hearts of all the attendees.

Keeping this view in mind, A Royal Affair has come up with various theme ideas which are going to be different, attainable and give you the personality that you are at your D-Day! What say, we explore some options that you may like and we will help you bring that into reality?

Valley Of Flowers Theme

Flowers: big, small, colorful, natural, artificial, scented; they all have been part of the wedding ceremonies since time immemorial. Even gods showered flowers from the heaven, as written in mythological scripts during holy matrimony of two blessed souls. So, why not bring those exotic flowers from across the world to your wedding venue and decorate the entire space as if you are in the stunning Valley of Flowers. All the props, décor, stage and hangings can be made with flowers of different textures, colors and smell to suit the ambiance and not make it look gaudy.

Travel Theme for the Wandering Souls

If you have a story that involved traveling to distances, or if you were in a long distance relationship or simple, if you and your partner and die hard travel freaks, then this is the theme for you. To embrace the journey of you both, you can create the décor with maps, globe and travel related photos. You can have a corner with a wish board where the guests can write their favorite places under ‘where do you wish to travel to before you die’ question. You can also take people back in time with travel photos of all your relatives and friends and play it in a video on a large screen at the venue.

Favorite Movie

You can make the theme according to your all time favorite movie and bring it into reality with the help of décor stylists available with A Royal Affair. Be it DDLJ, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Midnight in Paris, Mughal-E-Azam or any movie that you have watched it a thousand times and it wouldn’t hurt you to be the protagonists of the film in real life at your wedding, then this is The theme for you.

Fair Wedding

In your childhood, you must have gone to at least one fair and enjoyed all the activities, food and rides so why not make your wedding day a fun ride with all the necessary elements such as, giant wheel, fun activities for the guests and street food to give it a feel of a typical fair? You can have local artists on the stage to perform songs, a small skit or dance performances as seen in a fair.

Retro Style

Our parents have lived that era and have told us numerous stories on various occasions of how different, vibrant and colorful that era was. So, why not take their words literally and bring on the vibrancy of that time on your wedding day? You can fill your wedding venue with the 1950s style decorations, props, and attire including slacks, tight short kurtis, wide collared shirts, polka dots and retro style hairstyles to give a perfect touch.

Sea Wedding

If you can’t afford to go to the beach and say your vows, you can bring the sea to your wedding venue in terms via color schemes, décor, stage setup and even food. The main theme can revolve around the color of the ocean: blue lined with white. You can cover the tables with light blue tablecloth and sea green glasses with dark blue plates. Items such as pebbles, sand, shells, stones, seaglass, etc. can be used for the decorative items while you arrange all of this without the roof of a room and instead, out in the open.

Camp Theme

For, if you are an adventure lover, then this theme is the best for you. Setting up camps at the outdoor lawn where you house food tables, snacks items and tables to sit along with canopies can give the vibe. In decoration, you can add elements such as canoes, lanterns, arrows, bonfire and grilled food to highlight the theme while someone plays the folk, mountain songs in the background.

There are a number of themes that can give your wedding day an ideal tough only if you care to get in touch with A Royal Affair for all your requirements. With plethora of services, personal expertise and customized ideas, you will have to give us the budget, need and interest and we will ensure that you have the most memorable wedding ever!

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