How much does a wedding at Lakend Udaipur Cost?


A beautiful gala where two in-love souls vow to stand by each other in every thick and thin. The couple’s families come together to make their day even more special. The jamboree brings everyone together for embarking on a new journey together.

The celebration becomes more festive if the arrangements are on par. The families should feel at home, and everything brought together should be according to their taste. The best place where you can get all this is Lakend Hotel, Udaipur.

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The dreamy location of Lakend is next to paradise. The hotel is built on the shores of Fatehsagar Lake in Udaipur. The hotel offers many indoor and outdoor location options for couples to finalize. The couples who dream of having a lakeside wedding with a flowery location Lakend will be the best choice for them. The hotel has Lakeview restaurants, bar, swimming pool, etc. If the guests want a Lakeview room, then the same is also available. The ambiance of the place gives a mixed vibe of Rajasthani culture and modern taste. They have created a perfect blend for the current generation and their families.


The hotel can handle a maximum capacity of two hundred guests. To manage them, Lakend promises well-trained staff. The staff is well proficient and holds a high degree in their respective fields. It is well understood that the guests could be from different parts of the world, thus giving them a taste of our culture is our duty. The Lakend hotel staff attends to each guest with utmost humility and makes them feel home.

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The location of the Lakend is near the lake. The weather remains mild in the evening and could be windy depending upon the months. This helps in combating the scorching summer heat, and thus arranging outdoor weddings become easy.


The hotel can take care of the entertainment and decor of the wedding. They are well aware of the region thus will give multiple options for the guests to select. The Lakend hotel has hosted a plethora of weddings. Therefore, they have a good experience in this section too.

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The food arrangement at the Lakend is immaculate. The serving, arrangement, taste, options in cuisines, and with many other options, Lakend can qualify every standard set by guests.

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If you are planning a wedding between October to March:
For a stay of two nights and three days and a total of 150 guests: The arrangement will be priced around 27-30 lakhs INR + GST. For a total of 200 guests and same day-night package, the arrangement will cost between 36- 40 lakhs INR +GST.
The extra charges for wedding planning, mehndi, haldi, bachelorette, decor, etc. are estimated at around 20-22 lakhs INR.

The charges vary in the April to September wedding. A total of 150 guests for two nights and three days stay will be around 21-22 lakhs INR + GST. For a total of 200 guests with the same accommodation days, the cost will be 28-30 lakhs INR + GST.
For wedding planning, decor, haldi, mehndi, bachelorette, etc. an extra price of around 16-18 lakhs INR will be charged.

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