How much does a wedding at Ramada Udaipur Cost?

Ramada Resort & Spa

Royal wedding in mind? Ramada Resort & Spa, Udaipur speaks for itself. The international chain of hotels has extensive experience of hosting royal weddings in the past. They have not only impressed Indians, but its multinational branches have garnered huge accolades for their servicing.

For couples, weddings are not just about vows, but a dream that the girl and the boy want to live. The gala event that every family member cherishes. We know many girls are dreaming of a royal wedding since they were little girls. At Ramada Resort & Spa, you will find a perfect blend of traditional values and modern designs. The uber stylish interior and aesthetic exterior keep Ramada Resort & Spa on top of their list for a destination wedding.

Accommodation at Ramada Resort & Spa:
The hotel has 72 rooms and has the capacity to host 200-250 guests. The exterior and interior locations are open for daytime as well as night time weddings. The location and the surrounding can serve as a perfect pre-wedding shoot.

Fabulous weather:

The royalty of Udaipur is unmatched. The air and atmosphere imbue royalty and Ramada Resort & Spa’s feeling intelligently to impress the guests. The wedding season is divided into two segments: April to September and October to March.

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Unmatched arrival experience:
It was said the culture of Rajasthan embodies the tradition of being the best host. Ramada Resort & Spa will make sure the bride and groom’s side get to experience Rajasthan and hospitality’s authentic culture.

Unforgettable hospitality experience:
Withholding a professional staff in all areas, Ramada Resort & Spa is proudly holding the best hospitality services’ reputation. From room service to the kitchen, the staff hired have the highest degree in their field. Our staff will make sure the guests feel like home at Ramada Resort & Spa.

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Expenditure on Ramada Resort & Spa style wedding:

If the wedding falls between October to March and stay is for two nights and three days-
With a total of 150 guests, the arrangement will cost around 27-30 lakhs INR + GST. With a total of 200 guests, the arrangement is estimated between 36- 40 lakhs INR +GST. The charges for wedding planning, decor, mehndi, haldi, bachelorette, etc. will be around 20-22 lakhs INR.

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The charges are different in the April to September wedding. The stay for 150 guests for two nights and three days will be around 21-22 lakhs INR + GST. For 200 guests, same accommodation days, then the cost is estimated at approximately 28-30 lakhs INR + GST. The wedding planning decor, mehndi, haldi, bachelorette, etc. is priced around 16-18 lakhs INR.

Ramada Resort & Spa would fulfill all your wedding dreams. We provide relaxation services in our SPA section. The bride and groom can find peace at our SPA amidst the chaotic atmosphere of the wedding.

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Let Us Help You in Planning Your Dream Wedding at Ramada Resort & Spa, Udaipur

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